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Investing in a process that involves change.

September 10th 2021

One of my closest friends was struggling with her life and despite building a solid career in finance, seemed constantly dissatisfied with her lot. She moved with regularity and could not develop a steady meaningful relationship. Out of the blue she decided to "pull up stumps" and re-locate to an exotic European location in search of love and quite likely her identity.

A couple of years went by and whilst relatively content with her new lifestyle I could sense frustration was bubbling just beneath the surface. Actively engaged as a social media consultant and following the advice of a close acquaintance, she signed up for a life coaching seminar with a leading celebrity. This decision proved monumental for she was introduced to a life coach that has significantly assisted in the re-definition of her life. In broad terms and put very simply her passions and desires have been aligned with her life goals.

Move to this very day she is a noted author having written several best sellers and the founder of a high profile property consultancy, she is highly motivated and focused on her family, business and friendships. I read with great interest her regular blogs and can readily identify her growth with that of many successful entrepreneurs. It is obvious that her clients and indeed her network thrive through their association. We regularly chat and occasionally she uses me as her sounding board and I can visualize her heightened sense of achievement and her renewed zest for life. Bravo young lady.

This story is offered to those that are yet to discover their desires and put in place concrete actions enabling them to reach nirvana. With this in mind I draw reference to a book written by the noted life coach Christian Mickelsen, who suggested that unless you are prepared to invest in a process that involves change, you will be just "spinning your wheels." Like my dear friend it might be time to reach out to your coveted network or a trusted life coach to get you on the pathway to personal greatness.

It's never too late to engineer change that you so covet. What have you got to lose? How much is there to be gained.

To the reader that seeks personal growth but fears the uncertainty associated with change, our door is open for a confidential discussion. This introductory chat is without charge and we welcome any enquiry.




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