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Why Reach?

In an industry that is clearly overcrowded we at Reach offer you considerable comfort in the knowledge that….

  • Our MD will personally undertake the full end-to-end search and selection process and coaching services, and not delegate any aspects to a more junior colleague. We believe the search phase to be so critical to success, with our Director leading and driving this pursuit.
  • Our 99% success record since 2000 translates to over 400 executive placements is testimony to this fact. Generally speaking we are engaged when the available executive pool to be in serious short supply, or extremely difficult to source.
  • Our MD is often asked what are the powerful moments and thoughts that emerge during the coaching sessions. In his words "significantly one of these pertains to my motivation. With my coachees firmly in mind I am constantly seeking of ways to deliver outstanding results that exceed their expectations and lead to real lasting value. I am consumed by these thoughts." See the Case Studies section - Coaching of Teenagers (academic and career) for examples how we deliver exceptional results.

In the book Outliers, author Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. Business is tough, especially now. Yet even in the midst of a challenging economy, there are individuals and companies that prosper beyond all expectations. Practice plays a major role in success, with our MD accumulating over 40,000 hours of executive search experience.

Quality and not quantity drives us – a truly boutique consultancy.

In the knowledge that we adopt a partner mentality, where we add real and significant commercial value. Our clients continue to be amazed with the benefits provided. See our case studies.

We will tailor a solution that truly meets and generally exceeds your needs and never rely upon data base search. We are prepared to defy tradition and innovate.

Why not contact us for a sample report and truly experience the difference.

The equilateral triangle depicting our logo features three equal sides representing the interests of all stakeholders to this partnership; the employer, the executive (inclusive of our coachees) and us. All of our projects feature this partnership mentality.

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