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CEO Tradelink (HK 0536) Hong Kong

The incumbent CEO mandated this Director to secure his replacement pending his forthcoming retirement, scheduled for 2010. Being a HK listed entity and a potential member of the Tradelink Board, and noting that the incumbent CEO had held this position for the past 14 years (approximately), ensured that this particular search would encompass some critical requirements.

It was revealed that prior exposure to dealing with Boards would be critical in this position. It was equally important for the successful candidate to build rapport with the Board and to gain their collective trust and respect. As the incumbent CEO had enjoyed an excellent working relationship with the Chairman and the Board, and as a result he will play a key role in the establishment of this effective link.

The short term goals included dealing with the state of the economy and those macro and micro influencers whilst maintaining profitability at existing levels. Added competition from a significant new service provider would add to the competitive nature of this business.

From a medium term perspective a successful operation in China was deemed  paramount. An 18-24 month foundation had been carefully laid out with the appointee expected to deliver on these objectives.

In the longer term it was expected that Tradelink would move on from its narrow confines of its e Commerce base, with an investment in a logistics park in China (Guangzhou) being central to its new ideology. In conjunction with DTTN this should make Tradelink a formidable operation.

Adding further weight to the continued development of new products and services was the emergence of digital certificates as well as the SSL’s (computing identification). In addition Tradelink as the part owner of a data centre (partnering with Telstra) providing business continuity services; the achievement of critical mass was not too far away. Tradelink was seeking to invest in a similar venture in Beijing and expected to complete this goal by mid  2010.

As determined through discussions with the Board, the chosen competencies included the following:

a) Corporate decisiveness.
b) Leadership.
c) Strategic decision making.
d) Motivational skills.
e) Charismatic.
f) Problem solving skills.
g) Communication skills.
h) Corporate team building skills.
i) Flexibility of thinking.
j) Crisis management expertise.
k) Creating a corporate vision.
l) Planning skills.
m) Board level experience and able to operate with the Board.
n) Ability to cope with stress.
o) Intellect.
p) Coaching/mentoring.

We secured the acceptance of our client to undertake a regional (Asia Pacific) search in addition to securing the interest of any HK/Chinese nationals seeking a return home.

In all 77 contacts were made within the following key industry segments.

a) Information Technology
b) E Commerce
c) Logistics Sector
d) Business Process Outsourcing
e) Government
f) Tradelink Referrals

An outstanding result with the CEO being appointed in addition to Tradelink appointing another of our short listed executives to the position of Executive Director and Deputy CEO.

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