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Managing Director Technology - Czech Republic

The incumbent Director requested to be relieved of his position due to his inability to “make a real difference” and for failing to create sustained long term shareholder value. We were retained by the global Head of this business unit with its head office in Europe to conduct a nationwide search in the Czech Republic for suitably qualified MD’s with exposure to the technology sector, in particular BPO services inclusive of after market delivery and contract logistics.

As leadership skills, coupled with significant exposure to operations or manufacturing (technology led) and change management was keenly sought it was agreed that the search effort should be confined to a narrow industry segment inclusive of contract logistics, contract manufacturing and after market services as applied to the high technology sector.

To lead and develop this high technology business unit in the Czech Republic through superior teamwork that plans and integrates all resources, in order to focus on world-class quality service and innovative solutions for clients which results in profitable growth consistent with its global parent’s core purpose, values, culture, business plans, budgets and measurable targets.

This role will see the appointee take charge in the delivery of outstanding services and solutions towards key stakeholders within the parent organization and to those key influencers within this particular business unit, in conjunction with those key clients and prospects as identified in the strategic plan.

The appointee will contribute to the global strategic direction of this technology led business unit, and to implement that strategic direction within the Czech Republic. The Managing Director is accountable for anticipating client needs, analysing industry trends and continually implementing initiatives consistent with the Mission, Vision and Values. In order to continually improve the performance of this business unit, the Managing Director is accountable for reviewing the effectiveness of resources, systems and processes and for benchmarking our client’s high technology business unit against the world’s best, as well as setting stretch targets for this organization. It is anticipated that the Managing Director will leverage local resources and capability to involve and co-operate with arvato globally.

The chosen competencies included the following:

a) Build and Maintain Profitable Growth, achieving and exceeding budgeted Revenue, EBIT and agreed key ratios.
b) Developing Superior Teamwork.
c) Budgeting and Monitoring Financial Performance.
d) Developing Client Relationships
e) Ensuring the success of Human Resources and continuing the cultural enrichment programme.
f) Strategic Planning and continually improving the business.

We secured the acceptance of our client to undertake a nation wide search in the Czech Republic in addition to securing the interest of any Czech nationals seeking a return home.

In all 157 contacts were made within the following key industry segments.

a) Technology: (18 organizations)
b) Telecommunications: (9 organizations)
c) After Market Services: (5 organizations)
d) Contract Manufacturing: (7 organizations)
e) 3PL’s: (14 organizations)
f) Industrial: (8 organizations)

During this search we were able to secure the keen interest of over 30 executives with interviews conducted with 10 of these. We short listed 4 for final consideration with the following commentary provided by our client.

“In regards to the final decision for the MD we definitely prefer your “wildcard” but executives A&B also made a great impression; actually all four executives made an outstanding impression, with the final selection being a tough call. Frankly speaking if you promoted only one of these executives we would have appointed. Many thanks.”

The following recommendations were offered by two of the four executives short listed and referred in the strategy.

Executive A
“In my 20 + year business career I have come across various headhunters/recruiters from different types of organizations and experienced quite a wide range of approaches. Ron certainly stands in the highest ranking as he works with his clients on the basis of trust and honesty while maintaining a professional and very detailed approach making sure that his clients know where they stand at any given time. He has the requisite personal touch and friendly manner but remains demanding towards the candidates and conducts a very detailed and thorough interview which ensures that any of the candidates that are proposed to the client are well suited for the position. He not only looks for the required professional experience but also considers the cultural fit into his client’s organization to ensure there is also personal fit. Considering he is based in Hong Kong I was also positively surprised by his ability to complete his assignments in Europe which speaks clearly about his ability to deliver.”

Executive B
“After having worked with you on a recent top management job opportunity, I do feel obliged to express my highest appreciation for your service and support provided. I am particularly pleased with your very professional approach, in particular accuracy of information shared, pro-activeness in candidate preparation for a job interview, consistency and speed of information exchange, as well as highest personality integrity. I am sure your characteristics and skills raise far above the head-hunting industry standards. I do feel confident the same impression is made towards your clients from a company/employer side and would not hesitate to appoint you for a recruitment task, should I find myself in such a position. Let me thank you again for a very pleasant experience and wish you a lot of professional, as well as personal luck.”

During this European assignment we had reason to engage with the EMEA Logistics Directors of two global telecommunications vendors. Throughout our discussions they repeatedly quizzed us about the identity of our client, finally revealing that their existing contractual relationship with their service providers to be somewhat strained. Upon revealing our client’s identity they suggested we facilitate an introduction in order to discuss their service offering and to potentially include them in forthcoming EMEA wide RFQ’s. We understand all stakeholders to these new relationships to be most satisfied with this outcome.

Three years into his new position the MD remains with our client and is thriving, with his upwards career path assured.

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